Monday, October 26, 2009

Agustin Lara (1897-1970)

Mexican songwriter. He had no schooled training, but composed approximately seven hundred songs, although only four hundred and twenty are documented. He created a personal style of composition which changed urban song in Mexico, and influenced those of Spain and Latin America. By his lyrics he influenced later composers and popular awareness. He utilized popular styles such as the tango (Arrancame la vida), traditional Mexican song (Xochimilco & Janitzio), and waltz (Farolito, Rival, Noche de ronda, & Maria Bonita). His songs of Spanish subject matter gained international success (Granada, Madrid, Clavel sevillano, & Cuerdas de mi guitarra). But his boleros, Spanish dances with foot-stomping and dramatic poses took on an original Mexican nature (Imposible, Rosa, Aventurera, Santa, Mujer, Oracion Caribe, Noche criolla, Veracruz, Palmera, Nadie, & Solamente una vez). He was a renowned presence from 1930 until his death through his radio programs, work in the theater, and the use of his songs in films.

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