Monday, October 26, 2009

Marcela Rodriguez (1951-present)

Mexican composer. She began her musical career as a guitarist, studying with Miguel López-Famos and later with Abel Carlevaro (1975). She also took composition courses, notably with Brouwer (1975), Lavista and Lozano (1975–8). Rodríguez’s style is characterized by the constant use of chromatic textures, by a meticulous melodic design and by a handling of patterns that approaches minimalism. Her opera La sunamita – the culmination of previous theatre music – is vital and dramatic, driven by the strength of the musical characterization of the main protagonists; the plot tells of an old landowner and his young niece, whom he obliges to marry him with the false promise of leaving her his fortune and of preserving her honour. Drama as a source of inspiration has continued in such works as Arias to texts by Alarcón and Juana I. de la Cruz.

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