Monday, October 26, 2009

Alfredo Carrasco Candil (1875-1945)

Mexican composer. In Guadalajara, he had studied under Andres Tenorio, the flute and Francisco Godinez, the organ. He was appointed an organist in Guadalajara and was a conductor of the children’s chorus at a cathedral. He had also founded a piano academy. In 1918, he moved to Mexico City where he lived until he died. He began writing music when he was twelve years old, and became a creative and multitalented composer. His compositions were traditional, and romantic style, was influence by the works of Faure and Franck. Much of his compositions have been lost, but according to him he composed over two hundred works. His works consisted of religious music, piano works, zarzuelas, and chamber music. His work is considered an important part of twentieth century Mexican music.

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  1. I own an original Tarantella, Piano by Alfredo Carrasco.
    He wrote it for my grandmother, they were very good friends.
    It is dedicated and signed by him.
    Unfortunately I don't play piano, but I remember my grandmother playing it once at her house.