Monday, October 26, 2009

Tomas León (1826-1893)

Born in Mexico City, Leon studied music at a very young age and accomplished much by the age of 20. He was the organist of La Profesa in Mexico City at the age of 14. In 1854 he was asked t select the Mexican national anthem.
León was “the best pianist and teacher in Mexico City”. He founded the Sociedad Filarmónica Méxicana. Soon after the Conservatorio Nacional de Música was established. León's dedication to this was apparent as he taught without pay for about 6 years.
Melesio Morales: (1838-1908)
A student of Agustín Caballero, Morales was a well known Mexican composer. He began his first opera at the age of 18. After his second opera Ildegonda in 1865, he moved to Europe.
After 3 years he returned home and began working at the Mexico City Conservatory. He taught famous composers such as Ricardo Castro and Julian Carrillo. Morales was the first conductor to perform Beethoven's symphonies in Mexico. He also dabbled in interpretive orchestration with his piece La locomotiva.-----

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