Monday, October 26, 2009

Manuel Jose de Quiros (?-1765)

He was a teacher, composer, and collector of music. He served as maestro of the Guatemala City Cathedral beginning in 1738 until his death in 1765. He composed 28 works which are primarily Spanish music with a poetic form. His works can be found only in the archives of the Francisco de Paula Garcia Pelaez, in Guatemala City. Several of his compositions are in Latin, such as Parce mihi Domine. All of his works have instruments which accompany it. One of his students included his nephew, Rafael Antonio Castellanos who became maestro of the cathedral after his death. He had interests in Italian music, as well as Spanish and collected a number of works of Italian and Spanish composers of his time period such as Galuppi (Italian) and Sebastian Duron (Spanish) .

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