Monday, October 26, 2009

Gabriela Ortiz (1964-present)

Mexican composer. She graduated in composition (1990) from the Escuela Nacional de Música, where she studied under Ibarra; she also took classes there in analysis and composition with Lavista (1985–90). She went on to study in England with Saxton, as well as attending courses at London Contemporary Dance Theatre (1992), Dartington International Summer School (1992) and Darmstadt (1994). Her works have been performed widely and commissions include Altar de muertos (1996) for the Kronos Quartet.
Ortiz’s music, for the most part conventionally notated, combines a free use of tonality with references to traditional and popular styles, rock, African and Afro-Caribbean music. These are particularly evident in the rich rhythmic nature of works such as Altar de neón and Concierto candela for percussion and orchestra. Her experimental electro-acoustic pieces have led to a more complex manipulation of sounds.

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