Monday, October 26, 2009

Ignacio Jerusalem (1707-1769)

Ignacio Jerusalem was a Mexican composer and violinist of Italian birth. He was born in Lecce and lived with his father, Matteo Martino Gerusalemme, a violinist at the Jesuit church. Ignacio left for Mexico City in 1742 to be recruited for the Antiguo Coliseo. Amongst his colleagues, Jerusalem became director of the Coliseo.
Soon after his appointment of maestro, Jerusalem's health had started to deplete. When he resigned from the Coliseo, he had to deal with much controversy. He faced charges of embezzlement due to unpaid bills. He told the Coliseo that the debt was made by his wife and asked the Coliseo to not stop his income. Jerusalem later had a disagreement with the appointment of Tollis de la Roca. It appeared as though because de la Roca was second-class, Jerusalem had objected his poisiton in the hierarchy.

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